Testosterone Lifting Exercise Style

Any moderate physical activity leads to the production of testosterone in both men and women. However, in order for a mans body to begin to naturally produce the highest possible amount of testosterone, it is necessary to learn how to exercise properly. First of all, it must be understood that strength training contributes to the development of the main male hormone.

Exercise selection

When it comes to how to maximize testosterone levels, basic exercises come to the fore. Traditionally, the king of strength training is the squats with a barbell on the back in a classic style. Compared to other basic exercises, in addition to the general training effect, the squat intensively works out the muscles of the small pelvis. This contributes to better blood circulation, nutrition and prevention of congestive phenomena of the internal organs of this area of the body. Naturally, this has a fruitful effect on testosterone production centers.

In addition to squats, in strength training there are several more exercises suitable for solving the task:

  • Deadlift (in all versions).
  • Lifting the barbell from the floor (various types of weightlifting exercises).
  • Medium-intensity exercises (analogues of the deadlift and squats, but with less intensity), such as lunges, leg presses, squats in Smith's car, etc.

In bodybuilding and fitness, there are many more heavy oxandrolone risultati, for example, bench and sitting presses, cravings for the belt, but they are not considered, since they do not have the same effect and degree of impact as the above.

Exercise mode and style

Even if the exercises are chosen c orrectly, this does not guarantee that any style of their implementation will contribute to the maximum production of testosterone. It must be understood that fitness classes alone do not lead to maximum testosterone production, otherwise everyone who attends fitness clubs would be like the winners of the Mr. Olympia contest. Therefore, you need a special style of doing exercises. In general, it must meet the following requirements:

  • High intensity.
  • Exceptionally correct technique.
  • Moderate time under load.
  • A sufficient length of rest between sets.

The right combination of success factors

So, choosing the right exercise and meeting the requirements for the style of its implementation is the key to the production of testosterone. However, there are some more secrets. Previously, when it was not even known what testosterone was, athletes instinctively understood that only heavy, although not prolonged, training leads to an increase in strength results and concomitant manifestations of an increased concentration of the main male hormone in the body.

You should also know that training is just the start of hormone production. The main conditions for the stability of its production are a good rest, an optimal load schedule, a long sleep, good nutrition and lack of stress.

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